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  • Brand: QVIA
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The QVIA R935 is a dual channel touch screen dash camera system. Perfect for anyone that requires a screen to quickly view recorded video or change settings. You can also use the rear camera as a backup camera. The QVIA R935 uses two 2.1 mega pixel SONY sensors in the front and rear cameras, both running at 1080P. If you want the best 2 channel camera with a screen, this is it.

2 Channels - Full HD Front & Rear [1080p/1080p]

The QVIA R935 is equipped with 2.1 Mega Pixel front & rear cameras running at 1080p.

2.1 Mega Pixel SONY EXMOR CMOS Sensor

The QVIA R935 uses a 2.1 MP SONY EXMOR SONY Sensor in the front and rear cameras. It provides excellent video quality during the day and night.

IPS Full Touch Screen LCD

Users can instantly view live / recorded files or program their device on the 3.5" 800x480 IPS LCD screen at any given moment.

True Parking Mode by Motion Detection

The QVIA R935 buffers 10 seconds of video, and only writes it to the memory card on motion or if you vehicle is hit when parked.

Built-In Low Voltage Cut-off for Parking Mode

A continuous power cable comes with the QVIA R935 by default, because the Low Voltage Cut-off is built directly into the dash camera. There is no need to purchase an additional hardwire accessory.

Super Capacitor

Have you heard of a super capacitor before? There are two different types of batteries when talking about dash cameras. You have lithium ion batteries & super capacitors. The lithium ion type fails much faster in high temperatures, while super capacitors are rated for 60°C - 75°C. Bottom line, you want a super capacitor.

Built-In GPS

GPS will show your speed and location. This feature can be disabled.

Voice Alerts

Voice alerts help the driver know which mode the camera is current in. And is peace of mind that your camera is turned on, and functioning the way it should. It will also tell you if your memory card has failed and to replace it.

135° Wide Angle of View

Maximized viewing angle to record accurate video of any accident.

Dual High Capacity Memory Card Support

With the adoption of dual memory systems, QVIA R935 offers the advantage of simultaneous storage of video onto both the SD & microSD cards. Users can effectively utilize more memory space and quickly find their desired video in the event of an accident with the effivient cataloging system of dual storage. Limited memory storage is no longer a concern due to the maximum capacity of 1024GB, with up to 512GB capacity for each of the SD & microSD cards.

Optional CPL Filter

Purchase an optional 37mm CPL filter to reduce the reflection from the windshield, getting a more saturated and beautiful picture.

LED Security Light

Integrated flashing light tells potential thieves that you vehicle is protected with a dash camera.This feature can be turned off in QVIA Viewer Software.

Windows & Mac Support

QVIA Viewer has support for Window & Mac. However that doesn't mean you need to use the software to view your video footage. You can use the default movie player on your Window or Mac computer.

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